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Power presentation slide can make your presentation more memorable

If your presentations have identical slides, then it will be difficult for you to convey your message or it should be partially understood by the receiver. “Half knowledge is dangerous for health” as we all know. And if you want your audience or receiver to keep your essential point of the presentation in their mind and in addition to this some of its content then you have to see below article which will definitely help you in achieving your goal. By making unique slides you can achieve your goal  

Layout slides for essential point

If you want to make a layout with essential point than put images on the right hand side of the slide but in vertical format and the TITLE of the slide in left side of the slide.

First and Last Layout slides

Always keep in mind that your first and last slide should contain clear and easy content and addition to this add some images to keep audience attracted to your presentation.

Layout slides for content

Lastly you must think about the TITLE and the content for all the slides of the presentation. The layouts which exist in a PowerPoint presentation are easy to make it and they mostly related to your content presentation.
You can make your own layout if you think there is no better layout in option of page layout which can match with your want. So to create a new layout follows these steps. First of all click on the option which you will see on the top of the PowerPoint presentation named as VIEW TAB, after then click on the tool of MASTER VIEW GROUP where list of options will be displayed from that click on the button of SLIDE MASTER which it will appear


You will find a tool which named as an EDIT MASTER GROUP by clicking on a SLIDE MASTER Button. Click on that tool and select the option of inserting LAYOUT. After selecting it you will see the new layout on the left hand side of the pane.


In next step click one more time on the bottom of SLIDE MASTER where you will get the option of the MASTER LAYOUT GROUP. By clicking on that you will get the option of inserting PLACEHOLDER TAB, open it and you will see 8 different types of placeholder from that select any one.


Click on the slide in which you want to place the PLACEHOLDER and its size.

As per your requirement attach placeholders

After finishing the above process click on the layout which you have created in step number 1 and now click on the button of SLIDE MASTER. In that tab named as EDIT MASTER GROUP will appear in which RENAME option will appear click on that option. After clicking on it put your name and again click on RENAME option  


Now your presentation will include new layout which you have created in the above step and now you can select any existing layout of your choice for your presentation in any slide.


If you think the layout which you have created by following above process can be useful in future then save it as a THEME or TEMPLATE.

This guest post is contributed by Kuldeep Khatri who recommends Office Timeline – an efficient Free timeline maker plug-in for PowerPoint that enables users to create Gantt Charts easily & quickly. 

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Why Blogging Can Promote Your Business

Contrary to popular belief, blogging is not solely for computer professionals or technology experts. Many professionals and mainstream consumers have a strong online presence. Blogging can be a strong marketing tool, a platform for people to share their passions and an open forum for discussing issues. There are many benefits that blogging present to businesses.

Building Credibility

Blogging can be an effective means for businesses to establish themselves as credible and qualified experts in their fields. Blogs are open platforms that allow business owners and managers to publish anything they want. This gives them the opportunity to show off their expertise. This can be done by publishing posts that relate to the business, clients or the industry to attract people looking for answers. Blogs also provide the opportunity for businesses to highlight their range of services, which will help readers understand the full capabilities of the business.

Personal Relationships

Blogging allows business owners to create personal relationships with their clients. When writing blog posts, business owners should add a few details that will provide readers insights into who they are or the business culture. This may involve providing information or videos on behind-the-scenes activities. Insider details will make a blog stand out.

Public presence

Blogging helps business owners create a greater online presence for their businesses or expertise. Blogs provide greater visibility to businesses. Business owners can optimize their business blog’s design and content for search engines to direct users to the blog whenever the users search for related information. Strong online presence more often leads to increased sales, a stronger brand image and greater recognition for the business.

Blogging provides value to readers, fellow businesspersons and clients. Blogging is an opportunity for business owners to educate their clients on various aspects of their products or services. Businesses can use blogs to provide clients with helpful tips on how they can get more out of their products and services or links to other helpful information on the internet. Businesses can use blogs to respond to common customer queries and demonstrate responsiveness and transparency. Providing current, valuable content is one way of attracting repeat visitors to a business, which leads to greater exposure for the business brand.


A blog is an effective means of driving traffic to a business’ main website. However, this works if the content provided on the blog is valuable and useful to readers. Avoid posting information that is promotional. This will irritate readers or put them on the defensive. If necessary, mix promotional blog posts with general information.

Creates a Sense of Community

Blogs are open forums that allow business owners to share their passions with the world. Well-written blog posts will attract lots of readers with similar interests or simply those looking for information.

Blogging allows clients and other readers to comment. This provides businesses valuable feedback as well as creates a sense of unity with the community. With the input from readers and clients, business blogs can inspire insights and discussions that can establish strong bonds between the business and the community.

This article was submitted by Skylar James, a technology blogger and social media expert. She has 10 years of writing experience for internet and social sites. You can also see some of her writing at CLEARINTERNETDEALS.net.
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4 Types of Online Fun Games that Are Gaining Tremendously Popularity among Kids

Today’s kids are turn out to be internet savvies right from a very small age and they make use of internet for several purposes. The love to browse the internet and play games online. When it is not possible to play outdoors due to bad weather or some other reason, they enjoy playing games online. There are several fun games online for kids in several categories.

Top 4 Games for Kids
Top 4 Games for Kids

The categories are, however, very vast, and it may not be easy for the kids to decide upon the ones that are the best. As parents, you can help your kid to choose the best gaming categories. Here are some of the most popular categories of online fun games for kids.

9 Interesting games in the Chrome Webstore

Logic Games

The logic games category is one of the best and most popular choices for kids, especially for the clever ones rather than those with quick fingers. Fun games that involve logical thinking is not just a pastime activity for the kids, but also helps in improving their thinking and aptitude abilities. The common games that fall under this category are word games, strategy games, and puzzle games. Such logic games are usually timed and rewards the gamers who can think quickly. A comprehension of physics, pattern recognition, and mathematical aptitude may all have a vital role in various kinds of logical challenges.

Sports Games

Sports games category is the one that simulates sporting competitions in real world. From pastime sports like football and baseball to imaginary and extreme sports, this category of games comprises of a wide range of physical challenges. These games often focus on realism and may incorporate latest physics engines so as to precisely depict the human body’s movement in addition to game equipment's like bicycles, bats or balls. Few of them also feature real teams or athletes, making such games more fun and exciting for the kids.

Action Games

Action games category is mostly ideal for boys due to the fast paced adventurous tracks that need quick reflexes and coordination. Such games may also incorporate components of strategy, exploration, and navigation, but the physical dexterity of the player remains the game’s central focus.  The action gaming genre’s common features include several levels, innumerable enemies, and various weapons and character skills.

Cooking Games

A category of online games that’s a huge craze among girls- cooking games category! This category includes more subsets like virtual cooking (like baking cakes or preparing pizzas), serving customers at table (at an ice cream parlor or a coffee shop or restaurant), and much more. These games are usually timed and are best suited for kids with quick fingers, though not much of logic is required here. Bonus points are added for quick handling of these games. There are various levels as inmost of the other online games. The colorful backsets and fun music make such games even more interesting.

Tips for Parents Before you choose any particular gaming category for your kid, it is important that you be aware of the kind of games your kid prefers. The older kids of today are well aware of their interests and they are capable of finding the kind of games that they would love to play by themselves. In either case, be aware of the fact that most of the gaming sites allow the players to choose games based on categories, making it easy for them to discover what they want.

Author Bio

This Post has been written by Mohit Rajwani and He is passionate about writing How To's like
How To Create Animated Video and Top Gadget. You can find many more such articles on his blog TrickyTechno.

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Free web hosting VS paid web hosting? Which is better?

A web hosting company offers web space for your website on their servers. It sometimes works in the same manner as the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to give the website holders the internet connectivity. There are thousands of companies that offer web hosting. Some of them offer free space and some charge for their services. Getting some service for free is appreciable. There are several companies that offer both free and paid website hosting services. But the question arises why to pay when we can get the service without any cost? Free web hosting is advisable for smaller websites. The only advantage of the free web hosting is that you need not pay any penny for that. The service is enjoyed at free of cost.

Free Hosting VS. Free Hosting
Paid Hosting VS. Free Hosting
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But there are some of the pitfalls that might force you to think about choosing a paid plan. 
  • ·There are a lot of limitations in the form of web space provided, bandwidth and the file types when you have a free account. 
  •  If you have free web hosting for your website you have to face some unwanted ads and banners on your website. The surprising moment is that sometimes the ads from the rivals may prevail on your website. 
  •  By having a free web hosting for the websites, sometimes you cannot expect for better rankings on the search engines. 
  • ·The content, which you put on the website, will be limited due to the limited data space in the free hosting service and therefore, you are devoid of uploading many files on the website. 

Therefore, free web hosting does not allow you to upload and customize data and files according to your need. Free hosting is just suitable for students and the persons that have a website for an unofficial work.

The things that can be adjusted to having a free web-hosting plan:

  • General Blog and images, videos or short movies 
  • Small forums 
  • Small shopping websites with a limited range of products 
  • Some informative page of public interest 

If there is a growing website, you have to shift to a paid plan. To upload more files, images etc. you need more data space so the service provider needs to be paid. Therefore, here comes the spotlight on paid web hosting.

The Main Advantages About Getting The Paid Web Hosting

Paid Hosting
Paid Hosting

Image Credit
  •  These services allow you to have an unlimited space and traffic that further help in displaying the commercials for sales, which can be a great source of income to the website owner. 
  •  Paid web hosting gives your site its own domain and results in a good ranking by the search engines. The site will look more professional with an exceptional domain. 
  • ·If you are paying rent, you will get the best service and excellent customer support service from the host when you encounter any technical problem on the website. 
  • ·Having a paid web hosting your website will be safer as you can set passwords and security check to save your directories and important data from hackers. 

Therefore, if you have a website for the business support go for the paid web hosting others can enjoy the services free of cost.

This post is written by Ella Williams, she is an expert in web hosting field, check out her blog for Hostgator coupons 2013.

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Linux mint is another famous computer Operating System which is based on Linux Distribution Ubuntu. Linux Mint announced its first release called "Ada” in 2006 and its latest and 14th release is "Nadia" which came on 30th November 2012 and will be supported until April 2014. Mint has very interesting way of naming its versions each uses a female first name starting with the letter whose alphabetical index corresponds to the version number and ending with the letter "a" for example version 3 started from “c” (Cassandra and Celena ). Due to license issues, proprietary drivers for hardware like wireless cards are not included by default, but nevertheless they can be downloaded easily and for free after installation of your OS.

Image Credit--> http://www.linuxmint.com/pictures/screenshots/nadia/screens/desktop.png

Linux mint like Ubuntu is released once in every 6 months but a month prior to that of Ubuntu thus it misses on the latest software which Ubuntu is able to use during that release. Mint focuses on re-installation of its all updated versions thus creating backup is essential , it also focuses on safety thus it only recommends you to install new version only if you have tested the stability. Mint prefers a customized menu rather than standard GNOME menu. It is somewhat like window’s menu so most of the users feel comfortable using it. Its UI is a result of CSS editors, to know more about it click here.

A striking similarity between mint and Ubuntu is that nearly all the softwares are compatible in both Operating system. The standard configuration of Linux Mint comes preinstalled with Adobe Flash Player, software to read proprietary files such as "wmv" files, and other software which may make it easier for inexperienced computer users to use the system without making any changes. Linux Mint includes support for additional media formats. To know more about Windows Media Players you can visit developers’ site and this post.

The new Mint 14 uses a bit of various OS like Ubuntu 12.10`’s base, Linux 3.5 kernel, Cinnamon 1.6 desktop environments and the latest versions of the MATE 1.4.Mint Images come in two categories, MATE and Cinnamon, both of them have 32 and 64-bit versions and its installation is pretty simple. According to changelog there are more than 800 changes in front end GUI that powers the OS. Mint has also added an overlay named Workspace on-screen display (OSD) which enables you to toggle between various workspaces (consider them like virtual desktop) and the best part is that you can drag even windows between these workspaces. Mint’s start menu is strikingly same as window’s vista or 7.

So for conclusion of Mint 14 , it is like rock-solid operating system where everything works and it is a one of the best example how Linux OS should be like which are easy to use and yes this OS is good for home, office or any development environment BUT this OS is certainly not social network friendly like android.

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Promote your book by blogging

From the very first word an author writes, he or she wants it to be published. They go through a lot for it, but when the book is actually published, it becomes a reality and they find it hard to promote that to make it a success. If you have just published a book then your publisher will promote it for you. However, there is a lot of it that depends on you. As you are a writer, you have to utilize that skill for the promotion of your book too. A blog can be all you need for this, because blogs are great promotional tools. If you can use your already existing writing skills, then you can make many people read your book. 

Promote your book by blogging
Promote your book by blogging

Image Credit

Act like a writer

When you are using a blog to promote your book, remember that you have to promote it as the writer of it only. A blog is one place where you can communicate with your readers directly. You need to take this opportunity to impress them with your personality and writing skills. Your blog posts must reflect your writing skills, which will eventually make the readers buy your book. The blog you are using to promote your book must be named after the book with a short introduction of it. That will interest the readers to start following you, and share your blog posts with others to increase your reach. 

You must start the promotional blog for your book before it releases. You need to create enough interest in the minds of the blog readers to make them buy your book. The first step of it has to be them liking you as a writer and a person. Your blog posts will help with that. Introduce yourself, and make them connect to your philosophy about life, literature, and all that can help others to understand you better. If they are interested about you then they will be interested about the book. They have to be able to communicate personally via the blog, and feel important to you.

Connect with readers

The best way of connecting with your blog followers is to communicate with them. Once you start blogging about the book, a lot of your readers will comment on them, and ask you different things about the book. You have to go through each and every comment they write on your post and reply to as many of them personally as you can. If possible, write specific quotes and lines from your book to make them wonder about the complete story. The more you communicate with the readers, the more will be the chances for them to buy your book.

Once the book is released, it will be all about talking about the story with the readers. They will query about the story and the characters about the book. It’s very important that you try to answer all of the questions. Communicate with the readers, and discuss about their doubts. Entertain every criticism and thank every admirer. The blog will make your book reach to everyone.  

About Author

Harry Sehgal writes for many Blogs and Price In India and he has written a recent article on Best HTC Android Phones in India
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Buy premium WordPress themes for creating efficient websites

The WordPress websites are undoubtedly the most effective and professional looking websites. They come with unlimited number of features, gadgets, and themes that can make the website better than any other one. If you are thinking about establishing a website based business then you need one website that can compete with the other ones with same business intensions as you. The WordPress websites will make that easy for you. However, when you use a theme for the website, make sure that it’s a premium one. The premium websites are good investments for you as they have lot of benefits that can make your website more efficient.

The great benefits
The design is the most effective thing about a website. When someone checks out a website, he or she makes the first judgment by the appearance of the site. This is why a website has to look absolutely beautiful and well organized. When you use a premium WordPress theme, the design is the thing that will be the thing that you can be sure about. The premium WordPress websites are most attractive, and they are designed in different categories. You can surely find a category that matches with the subject of your website. With that, people will find is more appropriate as a website. 

Customizing the WordPress premium themes is really easy. The themes come with a lot of options that can be used to make the website look exactly how you want it to be. You can change the colors, fonts, features, and a lot more with simply using the options or coding. The premium WordPress themes are full of great features that make a website modern and efficient. You can offer a lot to your users with a website created using WordPress themes. Among most of the great features, safety, user friendly options, customization, and a lot more other facilities can be added to your site.  

Technical advantages
Apart from the great appearance and customization facilities, these premium themes have a lot of other great technical features too. These themes are securer. The premium WordPress themes are designed by the most skillful developers. They use their knowledge to develop themes which are hack protected. Your WordPress website with a theme like this can surely make your website protected against any kind of outer threat. Apart from that, these themes never face any technical issues. Your website will always function properly, and the users will find it flawless. This is very important to not only keep the site always active, but also preferred by the users.

With time the requirements from a website changes. Because of this reason, you need to update your website regularly to match with the needs of the users. The premium WordPress themes have the facility to free updates regularly. This helps you to keep your website updated. The other technical facility of WordPress themes is that the developers offer free technical help when needed. You can mail them anytime you need, and they are liable to answer you because you have paid for the WordPress theme.  

About Author

Harry Sehgal writes for many Blogs and many Niches and you can read his recent article on collateral loans.
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