Promote your book by blogging

From the very first word an author writes, he or she wants it to be published. They go through a lot for it, but when the book is actually published, it becomes a reality and they find it hard to promote that to make it a success. If you have just published a book then your publisher will promote it for you. However, there is a lot of it that depends on you. As you are a writer, you have to utilize that skill for the promotion of your book too. A blog can be all you need for this, because blogs are great promotional tools. If you can use your already existing writing skills, then you can make many people read your book. 

Promote your book by blogging
Promote your book by blogging

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Act like a writer

When you are using a blog to promote your book, remember that you have to promote it as the writer of it only. A blog is one place where you can communicate with your readers directly. You need to take this opportunity to impress them with your personality and writing skills. Your blog posts must reflect your writing skills, which will eventually make the readers buy your book. The blog you are using to promote your book must be named after the book with a short introduction of it. That will interest the readers to start following you, and share your blog posts with others to increase your reach. 

You must start the promotional blog for your book before it releases. You need to create enough interest in the minds of the blog readers to make them buy your book. The first step of it has to be them liking you as a writer and a person. Your blog posts will help with that. Introduce yourself, and make them connect to your philosophy about life, literature, and all that can help others to understand you better. If they are interested about you then they will be interested about the book. They have to be able to communicate personally via the blog, and feel important to you.

Connect with readers

The best way of connecting with your blog followers is to communicate with them. Once you start blogging about the book, a lot of your readers will comment on them, and ask you different things about the book. You have to go through each and every comment they write on your post and reply to as many of them personally as you can. If possible, write specific quotes and lines from your book to make them wonder about the complete story. The more you communicate with the readers, the more will be the chances for them to buy your book.

Once the book is released, it will be all about talking about the story with the readers. They will query about the story and the characters about the book. It’s very important that you try to answer all of the questions. Communicate with the readers, and discuss about their doubts. Entertain every criticism and thank every admirer. The blog will make your book reach to everyone.  

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